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For A Hole In Your Roof Or A Whole New Roof


Triem & Son Roofing was founded way back in 1965 by Niel Triem and is currently owned and operated by Denver & Shawn Triem a father and son team that care about the people we work for. We have three generations of experience in all types of construction, and plan to be around for many more for your peace of mind.


Denver Triem, a father of five children, started roofing for his father at the age of 12. He was taught that the smallest details were important including the cleanup of a customers property. As he got older, he learned his father's secrets of how roofing systems work and how different types of weather affects the roofs of our homes. He learned to track water leaks to their origin, and to make sure the customers got all of their needs met with no leaks in their roofs.


From his father Niel, he learned about constructing something sturdy and long lasting. He learned about the various types of window systems and siding, and was taught how guttering systems work; this included how to keep them from making a good roof leak, and how they help windows and other parts of our homes stay dry. Throughout the years as materials and tools have changed, he uses only the best and most efficient equipment for the benefit of his customers. Over time he has passed all of this knowledge and information to his son Shawn.


Shawn Triem, a husband and father living in Southern Wisconsin, also started working with his father at a very young age, learning construction from the bottom up as his father had. He built his own beautiful well constructed home and has used his knowledge for the benefit of his family and his customers. As the Wisconsin laws have changed to protect consumers, Shawn has taken courses to expand his knowledge allowing him to help steer his customers through the maze of government regulations and new building techniques that give his customers peace of mind. He is leading his company with the goal of offering long term stablity to his customers.

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